We're Baaaaaaackkkk!!!!


I hope you had a wonderful break! You have had time to rest, and now it is time to get back to business!!!! As you know, the TCAP assessment is right around the corner. Don't forget all of my math classes have set a goal to have the highest scores. In order to accomplish this goal, we must first learn the standards that will be tested; therefore, we have to work hard! Remember, life's greatest accomplishments are earned...NOT given!
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Miss Mandy  Brewer

5th Grade News

A look into the future:                                                                              



Mon. Jan. 03-  Activity Page....
                      Adding Mixed Numbers (a-f) Subtracting Mixed Numbers (a-j & p)

Tues. Jan. 04
Activity Page....
                      Adding Mixed Numbers (a-f) Subtracting Mixed Numbers (a-F)

Wed. Jan. 05- adding and subtracting fraction activity page (odd)

Thurs. Jan. 06 adding and subtraction fraction activity page (even)

Fri. Jan. 07  wb 91 (1-8 & 15-22)


6th Grade News

A look into the future-

Mon. Jan. 03- No Homework!!!!
Tues. Jan. 04 WB 113
Wed. Jan. 05 lesson 6-4 puzzle
Thurs. Jan. 06 reading bar and line graph...offered extra credit (-6pts.) lesson 6-4 challenge
Fri. Jan. 07 lesson 6-8 misleading graphs practice B & C, reading pie graph, the cupcake bakery, lesson 6-7 puzzle


  Jan. News & Events

Mustangs play Inman Thursday, Jan. 06 at Ridgemont!!!!
Come out and support your team :)