Mrs. Kristy Vincent  -   Welcome to my Webpage!!!

Welcome to the fourth grade at Ridgemont Elementary!! My name is Mrs. Kristy Vincent and I am excited about being your child's math teacher!!!

A Little About Me....

I am from Martin, TN where I graduated from Westview in 1995.  I recieved a bachelor's degree from U.T. Martin in 2001 and a masters degree in 2003.

I am married to Chris Vincent from Martin and we have 4 children.  Hunter attends graduate school at U.T. Martin, Macy and Makenzie attend Westview, and Jason attends Martin Middle School.

In my spare time, I enjoy swimming with my family and friends, working in the yard with my husband, and reading.

Kristy Vincent 4th grade Math
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Math Log Plan , Course Content, State Objectives for 4th Grade Math, Calendar, Citizenship, Lunch Menu, Addition, Subtraction, Place Value information along with many more items!!



Math log is an assignment created for extra practice of different math skills throughout the week.  math log gives the students the opportunity to make responsible decisions about his / her learning.  
Math log is a 90 min. weekly assignment due each Monday where students record the skills they choose to practice for the week.
If a student does not complete the 90 min. math log during regular school hours the student is require to do this extra practice at home. 
Math Log teaches studnets time management as well as keeping skills fresh in their minds.

Math Course Content...

Math Area of Focus:

With this, students will practice grade appropriate math skills. Emphasis will be placed on memorizing and mastering basic MULTIPLICATION facts, and using these facts throughout the year. Your child should know a 0-12 times tables facts within 2 seconds of seeing it. Knowing these basic math facts will be extremely important for the rest of his/her school career and beyond.

Fourth Grade math includes understanding place value , graphing skills, addition and subtraction with regrouping (carrying and borrowing), multiplication, division, fractions, measurement including standard and metric, time, money, understanding patterns, data,  geometry, solving word problems, and other math skills.One of the hardest things for Fourth Graders to grasp is Word Problems.  Typically, students struggle with:  Understanding, Planning, Solving, and Looking Back—in efforts to solve word problems effectively.  Once mastered, though, students will be able to excel at solving word problems. One of our goals is to increase students' ability to problem solve in the upper grades so learning this now will make 5th and 6th grade easier!! 

Fourth Grade Math Objectives...

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To enhance your child's learning experience in all subject areas, all three classes will be participating in the same reward system.  The reward system will be based upon your child’s Citizenship Grade Point Average.

To see more about our Citizenship approach, please click on this picture!!!

Lunch Menu...

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Place Value

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Expanded Form

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Greater Than, Less Than...

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