Mrs. Heather Moran's

 Kindergarten Class



Welcome to Mrs. Heather Moran's Kindergarten classroom.  This year is going to be very exciting.  Not only will we learn our ABC's and numbers, we will also be writing and illustrating our very own stories.  It's going to be a great year!

What Are We Doing In Class?

For the week of September 6 - 10, we will be learning to recognize the letter Hh and
the sound that it makes.  We are also learning the sight words:  I, this.  Please
practice reading the words in the ziploc bag each night. 

In Math, we are beginning Chapter 2, which is a study of patterns.  You can point
out patterns regularly seen around you as extra help to your child.  

So far this year, I have introduced the letters Mm, Ss, and Ff, and now Hh.  Sight
words that have been introduced are:  is, the, a, and, on, you, I, this.





Please check your child's red folder daily.  We have now started using our red "Reading Folders".  The material that is in this folder will be enrichment activities that will go along with the letter, number, and word family that we are working on for that week.  Please work on this with your child.  These folders will come home on Tuesdays and need to be returned by Friday.  Thanks in advance for all you will be doing to help your child!