Mrs. Peggy Kendall
5th grade

Thursday, March 3
Study for spelling test over words on page 84
Language GUM workbook pages 87 and 88

Parents, we are no longer able to post to this site from a school computer.  I will try to do this when I get home, but you need to know it is usually 6:00 or later when I get here.  Please know that I tell students at least two or three times during a class period exactly what their homework assignments are.  I write them on the board and remind them again just before they leave my room.  As fifth graders, they are certainly old enough to accept this responsibility. 
Some students write homework down in an assignment book, which you might want to consider if your child needs that additional reminder.

For the next few weeks, we will really be busy continuing to work on skills  and reviewing skills we have covered already.  April's TCAP tests will be here before we know it, and it will be no time before your fifth grader will be a sixth graders.  
I will do all I can to make sure they are ready for that next step, but it takes lots of work on their part and lots of encouragement from you, their parents.

I hope everyone had a great time at Paducah.  The play was awesome, and the weather was most cooperative.  I hope it is a trip your child will always remember sharing with their Ridgemont friends in fifth grade.  A special thanks goes out to those parents who went along with us a chaperones.

We've been working on pronouns this week-singular, plural, subject, object, and possessive. 

Just a reminder for students who have grades lower than 70 on returned papers, they should have told you they can retake those quizzes/tests in hopes of improving their grade.  They need to study the page, have you sign the page, and bring it to me to ask for a second chance.  It is up to them to make this choice; their original grade is already recorded in my gradebook.**********

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