Welcome to Mrs. Kim Cooper
Bremen Town Musicians
Spelling Words- babies, baby, lunch, lunches, note, notes, stories, story, switch, switches, tune, tunes, crumbs, supplies, holidays
Vocabulary-bought, people, pleasant, probably, scared, shall, sign, excitement, mill, monsters, musicians, robbers
Oct. 6 and 7, Fall Fling shirts $10

Cooper's Schedule                                              11:30-12:00 Reading
7:10-8:00 Homeroom                                          12:00-1:00 Language Arts
8:00-8:30 Breakfast                                             1:00-1:30 Outside                                   
8:45-9:10 rotation                                               1:30-2:00 Spelling
9:15-10:15 Math                                                  2:200-2:45 Writer's Workshop
10:15-11:00 Reading
11:00-11:25 Lunch
This is Bullseye and Alita keeping cool by drinking lots of orange gaterade.