Paula Webb's 5th grade Social Studies and 8th grade American History

5th grade homework  : 2/1/11   5th grade students had the TCAP writing test today.  In my classes we went over our focus skills pre-test and took the post-test . I will take up the vocabulary definitions tomorrow.
8th grade homework : 2/1/11   8th grade students missed 2nd period because of the TCAP writing test.  7th period class went over graded papers and reviewed for the amendment test that will be Thursday.  Thursday's test will cover all 27 amendments and the dates for each.

Welcome to History
. Parents and students welcome to my information site.  I am looking forward to a wonderful year working with each of you. This is my 40th year to teach 8th graders and my 2nd year to teach 5th graders.  I love American History with a passion!  I hope by the end of the year all of you will also love it too. I am married and have two children.  My daughter is 40 and my son is 32.  I have two grandchildren, ages 10 and 12.  My son and his wife are expecting a baby in January.  We are so excited to have another grandchild. 
Update: 1-28-11  Baby Lyla Renee' Webb was born on her daddy's birthday ,1-26 at 9:47 P.M.  Mother and baby are doing well.  She is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                                   
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