Special Education K-4

Our Vision

We strive to work cooperatively with special needs students, families, communities, colleagues, and other professionals in order to promote each student's success and well-being as they prepare for future endeavors.  We facilitate the use of evidence-based practices to provide students the access, skills, knowledge, independence and opportunity to reach their potential and participate successfully in the least restrictive environment possible.  We are committed to meeting the diverse needs of each student through individualized educational programming



Our Values

  • Our students are supported in the least restrictive environment possible.
  • We foster approaches that focus on learning using proven instructional strategies.
  • We have high expectations, which we accomplish with consistent early intervention, individualized services, parent empowerment and accountability for results. 
  • We respect diverse talents.
  • Access to general education opportunities is the right of every student.
  • Participation and progress in the general curriculum is facilitated with the use of research-based academic, social and positive behavioral supports.
  • All students and children learn and grow in natural and inclusive environments with non-disabled peers.
  • We continually assess, gather & utilize data, and provide prompt feedback in teams.  
  • We promote active learning.
  • We know that student and school improvement belongs equally, to all of us, as a team.
    Student transitions are supported by communication and planning among professional teams.
  • Student transitions are supported by communication and planning among professional teams.

    Relationships are the core of all we do.


Disabilities may include:
  • Specific Learning Disability
  • Mentally Challenged 
  • Blindness or Visual Impairment
  • Deafness or Hearing Impairment
  • Physical Disability
  • Emotional Disturbance
  • Speech and Language Impairment
  • Multi-Disabilities
  • Autism
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Other Health Impaired
  • Gifted 


Service Options (Least Restrictive to Most Restrictive)

Consultation – weekly collaboration with the General Education and Resource teacher to discuss students’ general education needs.

Inclusion– classes taught in the regular education environment with a regular educator teaming with the resource staff to deliver instruction following a regular education curriculum.

 Resource Classroomsmall group and one-to-one instruction for areas as listed on the individual IEP to support the regular education curriculum.  The following subject areas could be served within this room:  (Math, Reading, Language/Writing, Spelling, Social Play, Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Visual Motor, and Executive Functioning Skills)

Related services - as determined by the IEP team (i.e. Speech Services, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis), Adapted Physical Education, etc.) are also provided during the course of the school day.

**Any questions about any of these services can be directed to the district Director of Special Education, the learning support staff (resource and/or general education teacher), the student’s guidance counselor, or an elementary administrator.



How does my child enter the Special Ed process?

According to the 2008 Special Education Manual issued by the Tennessee Department of Education, schools must have a Response to Intervention (RTI) model put into place to assist struggling learners.

"In the RTI approach, all students are screened for educational difficulties. Those students found to be at risk of having problems are monitored on a regular basis after high quality instruction is implemented. Those students who do not respond with adequate progress are given interventions specially geared to correction of the identified problem.

The process is set up in multiple tiers:
· Tier 1 – High Quality Instruction in the General Education Setting
· Tier 2 – Additional Support for Students Whose Progress is Inadequate
· Tier 3 – More Intense Intervention (may include special education referral)
· Tier 4 – Even More Intense Intervention (special education referral)

Students are given the necessary intensity of intervention based on their individual response as they move through the tiers. Progress is monitored on a regular basis and, finally, data are collected and shared frequently with parents."

The Obion County School System has implemented Balancy Literacy methods for the General Education Classroom (Tier 1).  Students also receive additional supports through Curriculum Focus Groups within the General Ed Classroom (Tier 2).  Reading Recovery is used as our Reading Intervention Program (Tier 3). 

**Click on the above books to access the complete 2008 Special Education Manual as issued by the Tennessee Department of Education.

**Click on the Reading glasses for our school's Reading Recovery Intervention Program.

**Click on the boys reading for our school's Balancy Literacy approach.



Special Education Contacts

Director:  Mary Lynn Dodson  
Special Ed Teacher (K-4):  Jennifer Cox  coxj10@k12tn.net
Special Ed Teacher (5-6):  Katie Ramsey  kramsey@k12tn.net
Special Ed Teacher (7-8):  Melissa Seymour 
Speech and Language:  Michele Buchanan
Physical Therapist:  Kelle McBride 
Occupational Therapist:  DorEtta Caldwell  
School Psychologist:  Steve Way 
:  Leigh Ann Davis 
Assistant (K-4):  Megan Hendrix 
Assistant (K-4):  Merany Norrid   
Assistant (K-4):  Morgan Norris  
Assistant (K-4):  Lisa Robertson 


What are my child's Special Education Rights?

Click on the picture to access your child's Procedural Safeguards!!


Local Parent Support Group

Click on the picture to access NW Tennessee's Support for Parents of Children with Disabilities.


List of Websites for Parents

Click on the picture to the left for a list of websites.  This document is updated regularly.


Inclusion Class

Please click on picture to access the Fourth Grade Reading, Language Arts, and Writing Inclusion Class items


Inclusion Class

Please click on picture to access the Fourth Grade Math Inclusion Class items.


New Student Transfer

For parents who are transferring into the Obion County School system, it is often times difficult to convey to new teachers exactly what you need them to know about your special needs child.  Yes, the IEP and Psychological assessment that the school will be receiving says alot.  However, you may have more items you want the educational team to know.  Click on the picture to the left to review a document that may help you describe your child in a more detailed fashion.  We strongly suggest that you print this document and fill it out when you transfer into our school. This will allow us to program for your child that much more effectively and efficiently.