Welcome Parents and Students!
This is Ms. Cheryl Reddin, and I want to welcome you to Kindergarten.  I will use   
                  this site to post important notices and reminders.
For the week of November 29 - December 3, we will be learning to recognize the letter Rr and the sound that it makes.  We are also learning the sight words:  how, it.  Be sure to practice in your Reading Folders every night.  

In Math, we are working with plane shapes (circle, square, triangles) and how they compare to spheres, cones, cubes, and cylinders.  You can point out objects regularly seen around you as extra help to your child.    

So far this year, I have introduced the letters Mm, Ss, and Ff, Hh, Tt Cc, Pp, Aa, Ll, Gg, and now Rr.  

Thanks to everyone who gave blood last week at the Blood Drive.  Our class had the most donations, and we will be awarded a pizza party because of your generous gifts.